Fireproof Storage

January 9th, 2008  |  Published in Preparedness

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Fireproof SafeAs part of our Emergency Preparedness lesson for our Family Home Evening this week, we made a goal to get a fireproof safe by the middle of next month. It’s an interesting Valentine’s project, sure, but we wanted to make put the date out a bit in the future because of the unpredictability of our high-altitude weather. Here are some of the things we plan on storing in our safe:

  • Important Documents: These include things like birth certificates, car titles, our marriage certificate, and several other miscellaneous documents.
  • Emergency Money: We want to have enough cash for about three days’ expenses in case power failure prevents us from using credit cards. The amount of cash you want depends on your family’s own needs.
  • Regular Computer Backups: In addition to off-site backups of important documents like photos, resumes, and other important files, we plan on keeping a recent copy of these files on CD or DVD in the safe in case of hard drive crash or other computer failure.

We’re not totally decided on which safe we plan on getting, but we’re excited to implement these next steps in our Emergency Preparedness plan. From research we’ve done, we’ve seen good safe recommendations at Unclutterer, as well as recommendations for what to keep in fireproof storage. Although they don’t recommend storing computer backups or hard drives in the safe (mostly because they wouldn’t last through a fire because they can’t withstand high temperatures as well as paper), a fireproof safe still gives fairly good protection in case of burglary, and storing them in a single location provides easy access to all important items in case of evacuation.

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