Budgeting Fun

July 12th, 2007  |  Published in Finances, Frugal Living  |  1 Comment

Part of our family budget that really “sells” it in our minds is our personal fun money. When my wife and I were about to get married, her bishop gave us some advice that we always keep a budget, and to set aside part of that monthly money for our own personal money that we wouldn’t have to account to our spouse for. We decided to call it our “fun money” because we’re supposed to use it for things that are fun rather than on day-to-day things. For some reason my wife likes to use this money to save up for “fun furniture”, and I’ve finally learned to accept that because that’s fun for her. In the meantime, I spend most of mine on video games and computer stuff, and it really helps me to budget my fun expenses. Without it, our family budget seems more like a chore, but when we make a game out of saving for our fun items, it becomes much more enjoyable.


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