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When logged in, members can access a drop-down menu that provides links to ward and stake calendars and directories, maps and directions to local meetinghouses, and the ability to request a copy of a patriarchal blessing. Other important features include the newsletter (news for organizations, monthly newsletter, sacrament meeting program) and lesson schedules. Recently added for our area is the ability to set up donations online.

Members may access online materials specific to his or her calling, such as manuals, handbooks, and many of the features that were previously used in MLS at the Leader and Clerk Resources page.

LDS Account

To create an account, you need your membership record number (MRN), which can be found on your temple recommend, on an individual ordinance summary, or through a ward clerk or other Church leaders. Can also register as a “friend” if you are not a church member.

Calendar (

Members have long been able to sign in to their ward or branch website to access calendars and meeting schedules. LDS Account, however, adds a greater degree of customization when users access local Church calendars. Users can “subscribe” to local Church auxiliary calendars as color-coded “layers,” which filter youth activities, stake activities, or Relief Society meetings, for example. Users can also set up one-way synchronization to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or an iCal-compatible calendar.

Directory (

Online directory of members. You can see members in your stake. Can add family and individual photos, set privacy/sharing options.

One of the most visible features of LDS Account is the ability to create and share a profile. These profiles present members with an opportunity to get involved with missionary work online. While is not a social media site, creating a profile does allow members to upload a personal photo, share a testimony, and publicly answer questions about the Church. Profiles can then be searched by first name and keywords by site visitors or shared on social media sites such as Facebook.

Multimedia Library

Includes various church resources including images, videos, etc. Can think of it like an online “church library”. These are useful for lessons at home, church, etc. Can also create and share your own photos, videos, and other resources.

Specifically for material in the Media Library, you may post material from this site to another website or on a computer network for personal, church-related, noncommercial use unless otherwise indicated.


FamilySearch provides members access to temple and family history records online, and is accessible only through an LDS Account (member or friend accounts can be used).

In the past, ordinance records could be submitted to temples only by taking in a computer disk or by visiting a family history center in person. Now members can make ordinance requests for their ancestors by using their LDS Account.

LDS Jobs (

This is job search site operated by LDS Employment Resource Services. When users have an LDS Account they can create profiles that potential employers can search. They can upload résumés, identify career goals, and sign up for career-related e-mails and announcements. Members can also search local job listings submitted by stake or district members.

LDSTech (

LDSTech is the hub for all Church technology tools, such as member clerk tools, meetinghouse technologies, or the Gospel Library for mobile devices. Using an LDS Account, members may join the discussion forums to discuss technical issues or join the ranks by contributing talents to a tech project, such as helping to test a new Church website feature.

Online Store (

While anyone can buy distribution items from the Online Store, LDS Account users have access to a consistent shopping cart across browsing sessions. Members can also order other official products and materials related to their callings, such as manuals. Also, since the LDS Account is tied to membership record numbers, the Online Store automatically allows endowed members to purchase sacred clothing.

Study Notebook (

Members and nonmembers alike can use the new My Study Notebook feature on the scriptures website to highlight verses and write journal entries that are stored on the web and can be synchronized across computers.

Users can organize online resources to prepare for talks or lessons and make notes in general conference talks or Church manuals. Users who have the Gospel Library mobile app can synchronize their digital notes with their phone and their LDS Account online.

JustServe matches faith, nonprofit, community and governmental organizations that need volunteers with volunteers willing to help. links you to service opportunities in your community so you can make a difference wherever you are and however you want to serve. You can add service opportunities or sign up for them. (Uses a separate login, not LDS Account)

Mormon Channel

Live radio channel (also in Spanish), podcasts, etc. Can be accessed through the web, smartphone, Roku, etc.

Joseph Smith Papers

The Joseph Smith Papers Project is not a “documentary history” project comprising all important documents relating to Joseph Smith. Instead, it is a “papers” project that will publish, according to accepted documentary editing standards, documents created by Joseph Smith or by staff whose work he directed, including journals, revelations and translations, contemporary reports of discourses, minutes, business and legal records, editorials, and notices. The project also includes papers received and “owned” by his office, such as incoming correspondence.

Gospel Topics Essays

Short one to two pages essays on important topics about the church. Some topics include “Are Mormons Christian?”, “First Vision Accounts”, “Race and the Priesthood”, etc.

Home & Visiting Message

First Presidency Messages (Home Teaching) and Visting Teaching messages are available in the Engisn or directly on the site.

Church Training

Each year, stake auxiliary presidencies consider the needs of the auxiliaries in the wards and branches in the stake, and provide annual leadership training. (See Handbook 2: Administering the Church, 18.3.11).

Updated training topics and resources have been posted in the Callings section on for the Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, Aaronic Priesthood, and Sunday School. These resources can be found at

Resources in Other Languages

Scriptures, General Conference, etc.

Non-Church Resources


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