Room in the Inn

May 21st, 2009  |  Published in Uncategorized

My apologies for the cheesy title, but apparently you’re still reading. In the past several days, we’ve started a major decluttering project. This is certainly easier now that I’m done with school, but it still takes some motivation to get started. For the past couple of months, Julia and I have been casually looking around at houses “just to see what the market is like” and “for fun”. I put those in quotes because that’s what I always said when we went around doing it, but before too long I started daydreaming about having a big house with lots of room for all our stuff and plenty of space for our little girls to play.

Eventually I realized that we’re not ready for a house yet, and we don’t really need one. What we need for all of our stuff is a home. For some of our stuff that home is not our home. With too much stuff around, things tend to get in the way and make the whole house seem smaller. We plan on storing some of our things and getting rid of lots more. We’re learning that “guilt is not a reason to keep something“.

Although it’s still underway, we’ve made lots of good progress. Our food storage area is much more manageable, and now everything that had been there is in its proper home. We’re looking forward to making more progress on this in the coming weeks.

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