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Feeding a Family with Food Storage

October 2nd, 2008 by Alex  |  Published in Finances  |  4 Comments

Have you seen the cost of a loaf of bread lately? Wow. Julia went to Wal-Mart today, and the bread that was marked on the shelf as $2.80 rang up at over four dollars. Yikes. Four bucks for a normal loaf of bread. What does that mean? I think it’s time to bring out the recipe books and food storage. Not only is food storage good for disaster or emergency preparedness, but it’s also a nice hedge against expensive food prices.

Julia is working on putting a bunch of our recipes into MasterCook on our computer, and we’re working on building up our food storage in our pantry and our freezer. We’re working on building up our food storage from a few-weeks supply to one that will hopefully last longer than that.

So we have some food in our pantry, but what do we do with it? In any family, but especially in a family with children, it’s always good to have recipes that can actually be cooked. Kaydee sent me a link to Food Storage Recipes, a blog she writes about recipes that can be enjoyed by a family.

Food storage has been a topic that our prophets have counseled us on ever since I can remember. In the recent pamphlets All is Safely Gathered In, they share lots of advice and promises that come along with being prepared in this way. For more information about the Mormon church and food storage, visit